Grape Escapes
with Lys Hall

Lys Hall

Lys Hall is an established lecturer on the wines of Europe and an expert on those of Italy, Spain and the Pyrenean area in particular. She also has a degree in Art History and a passion for Mediterranean history, as well as having a good all-round knowledge and love of the countries themselves. She has organised and accompanied wine tours for well over a decade.

Unfortunately, time catches up with us all, and so I am afraid that my wine-tour guiding days have come to an end, enjoyable as they were for all concerned. My own company, Grape Escapes, ran very successfully for many years, and I also acted as a guide for Arblaster & Clarke Wine Tours, but those have also now also ceased.

Likewise, after having been the Education Officer for the West of England Wine & Spirit Association for many years, I have retired from that role as well, the association having recently ceased to operate. As I have always enjoyed meeting people and giving talks and tastings, I am always open to suggestions from individuals or small groups who wish to set up a one-off or a series of talks on specific topics. Please do get in contact if you need more information about any of these activities.

To discuss any of the options above, or to request more information, contact Lys Hall by e-mail on: